About us

For many years now, opportunities to increase your and your family’s wealth have become more accessible than ever before.

Innovations have contributed to more unprecedented-levels of communication, growth of trade & commerce, and increased productivity & services as never seen before.

The global opportunities have and are continuously growing at rates never anticipated before.

As a result, the unlimited options to improve your business, income, and overall wealth have been made easily available to you.

With the expanding markets continuing to provide you with these compelling opportunities to increase your wealth, you also see that many globally are attaining financial relief and, in many parts of the world that we share, the end of poverty.

Along with this positive growth, unfortunately there is also a growing need for professional services for when plans have not worked out as expected.

For those times that a mistake was made, whether of your own doing or intentionally by those that you have trusted, we provide services globally for your specific needs in order to remedy your concerns with very favorable results.

Welcome to GRA - Global Recovery Alliance

GRA was established over 18 years ago to help the growing needs for expert assistance for these times.

We are able to provide a wide range of essential services to put you back on track as seamlessly as possible.

Using the most experienced professionals, latest technologies, and highest levels of principles, GRA has successfully met the needs of a wide range of international clients such as:

  • Private Individuals
  • Institutions – Private and Public
  •  Businesses – Small to Entrepreneurial
  • Corporations – Large to Enterprise

With strong emphasis, our teams of professionals are available for matters that require the highest level of expertise for locating and recovering assets with quick and favorable results without having to endure any on-going court procedures.

In order to avoid any sudden turns on the road to success, our teams of specialists are also available to meet your specific ever-changing needs as they arise in the future as well.

Regardless of your size, GRA’s highly capable experts are available to provide a wide range of services ranging from financial-consultation through tailored-assistance in order to attain goals with maximum results and minimal risk.

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