GRA has the ability to provide you with assistance with the most complex international disputes. Matters that may seem overwhelming or even impossible are easily verified and resolved by our teams. By providing a wide range of services globally, we have the expertise and persistence to provide you a choice of all of the available avenues that will give you a favorable resolution for your specific matter.

With our globally based operatives and strong, working international affiliations, GRA’s specializations can assist with :

Specialization Recovery Services with strong emphasis with:

  • Unregulated Forex
  • Binary Options
  • Crypto Currency
  • Real Estate
  • Bank Fraud
  • Corporate Fraud

International Dispute Recovery Resolutions:

  • Tracking of liable, dishonest parties globally
  • Tracing & Collection of internationally concealed assets
  • Securing/Freezing of assets held by uncooperative parties
  • Speedy and Favorable resolutions through out-of-court enforcement
  • Experience with dealing with corrupt foreign officials, hidden foreign protection schemes, and competing foreign barriers

Loss prevention:

  • Services providing the highest protection of your assets internationally in order to safeguard your financial security and interests
  • Assistance available globally for protection from government agencies, unfavorable business conduct, and fraudulent situations

Protection of Assets Internationally Against:

  • Bank fraud
  • Real estate fraud
  • Binary option fraud
  • Unregulated Forex
  • Crypto investment fraud
  • Corporate Fraud

Asset location & recovery:

  • Quick and professional assistance with the withdrawal of funds from fraudulent or unreliable brokers
  • Recovery services of funds from fraudulent companies that are unreachable or have "disappeared"

Dispute resolution / Recovery of Funds:

  • As every dispute is unique, especially when incompetence or fraud is involved, our experts will manage everything from start all the way through to the win
  • Our specialists will identify eligibility of any additional compensations and entitlements due

Global representation / Multi-Jurisdiction:

  • Our teams of highly experienced specialists will assess and advice on all regulatory compliance requirements, findings from investigations, rights and obligations, and options for enforcement and prosecutions
  • Together with our international teams and partners we will identify any relative international regulations in order to better choose the quickest and most favorable winning strategy while avoiding potential traps

Business strategy consultation:

  • Consultation for negotiations, contractual matters, and business relocation or expansion procedures internationally
  • Our business professionals are available to prepare or review business plans including profit forecasts, risk management assessments, and dissolvent or acquirement of businesses

Tax planning:

  • Tactical multi-jurisdiction tax perspective support for private through corporate clientele
  • Competent consultation providing tax planning strategies and immediate reduced tax obligations

Retirement plans:

  • Consultation for maximization of financial independence for your retirement
  • Implantation of retirement plan with options for additional revenue during your retirement years

Corporate Intelligence and Individual Intelligence gathering Including:

  • Global Background Checks
  • Locating People and Assets
  • Emergency Global Dispatch
  • Corporate Fraud Prevention and Loss Prevention (Employee/Internal Theft)
  • Personal Security Services
  • Asset Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Polygraphing
  • Arranging Global Legal Representation
  • Anti-Hacking, Data Security and Counterintelligence Support
  • Tailored Requests
  • Multi-Language Support with Operatives And Operations Around The World

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